Haiti PackagingWhile our main focus is bringing together volunteers, businesses, and food banks on a local (inside the United States) level, donors and volunteers can also choose to participate in our International Outreaches. Our International Outreach is unique among organizations similar to ours in that we believe in giving a hand up, not just a hand out. Instead of packaging meals in the United States then sending them overseas, we source our ingredients locally (in that country) then use local workers to package the meals. This saves some of the shipping cost as well as the time and money inherent in dealing with Customs and Government Regulations. Once the meals are packaged, they are distributed to schools, orphanages and feeding centers, as well as to the workers that packaged them. This approach allows men and women to keep their dignity as they work for and earn food for their families.

All of our International meal packaging is done under the Hunger Shmunger brand and is specially formulated to take advantage of local ingredients and local tastes. It is important to know that the only requirement to receive food is that the recipient be truly hungry.

It is our belief that it is wrong for even one child to be truly hungry or suffer starvation, yet currently 20,000 children die every day around the world due to starvation and the lack of necessary nutrients. Taking a page out of Mother Theresa’s book: we may not be able to feed everyone, but we must feed those that we can.